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Questions & Answers

Here’s Some Answers to Common Questions Clients Have

1. How Do You Charge?

We only work on a commission and that can depend on the sale and our client’s situation. We are always open for negotiation on this number.

2. Is There A Set Up Fee?

There are no hidden fees.  You get your sale proceeds less our commission right after the sale. The only extra fee you may have is the final clear out fee and this is optional.

3. What Is A Final Clear Out?

A final clear out is after the sale whatever is leftover is donated or recycled or cleared out of the premises. We add this service if our client wants to use it. Usually we liquidate most everything, but this final clear out takes care of the rest.

4. Do I Need To Be At The Sale?

No, we handle everything.  In fact, we encourage you not to be there as the sale moves quickly with many people in and out and it can be stressful and emotional for our client to watch.

5. How Long Does It Take To Set Up For The Sale?

We usually need at least two weeks. This is an estimate as every sale is different but we need set up time and advertising time so two weeks is approximately the time it takes to put on a great sale.

6. What About Security?

We always have at least two people at a sale and sometimes more.  Depending on what we have for sale and how large the property is.  Security is very important to us so we make sure that theft and property damage do not happen.  If our client wants more security for their sale we work with a security company to provide extra security.


7. What If I Have Something That Is Very Expensive And I Want To Get A Certain Amount Of Money For It?

We always allow our clients to put a minimum price on one or two items in the house.  If there are many items like this, then we open up discussion on how best this can be done.  We have many different ways of providing a price that is realistic and also makes our client happy.

8. What Are Things That Can Be Sold In An Estate Sale?

We sell everything pretty much. From automobiles to clothing to household cleaners, we urge you not to throw anything out. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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